by S-Auto Engrg & Trading

Video Clips

Below are videos of near accidents to show the important of having a In-Car-DVR to protect yourself from reckless driver.
Remember, you can be very careful driver but not other road user. It is very expensive to own a car in Singapore.
Super expensive COE, expensive insurance premium, expensive roadtax, expensive petrol and expensive maintenance.
Without a In-Car DVR, when involve in an accident the party in wrong can argue back and turn the table around.
3rd party insurance company denied your claims insisting both parties at fault! 
So investing with at least the most basic In-Car-DVR to protect yourself before such incident happens! It will be too late!

Reckless & inconsiderate BMW lady driver making illegal U-turn


Close call with a car suddenly turns out behind stationary truck


Reckless and arrogant Camry male driver cutting into lane despite short and long warning horn given.


Inconsiderate tipper truck driver continue making turns despite warning horn given from oncoming car.


Blurred female driver turning out from carpark despite multiple warning horn given.


Kukus driver on hazard light but makes right turn


Gravels pile drops from Tipper truck