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Motorcycle Black Box

Accident happens all the time. And accident can happen to you anytime. With the increasing numbers reckless drivers and road rage nowadays, motorcyclists are the most vunerable road user. Motorcyclists must have the awareness and self-protection. You can be a very safety rider, but othes road users may not!

For years, there has not been much products in the market that can be consider as real motorcycle Black Box. Most are just either Sports Cam with 1-channel which are big & bulky and uses battery that need to be charge and but for only 1~2hours for continuous usage. Or overpriced Black Box with limited features and D1 resolution only. None of the motorcycle Black Box product in the market now can really support parking surveillance. And if you buys online from overseas, warranty given is as good as none.We gathered feedbacks from motorcyclists to find out what are the type of motorcycle Black Box they really wanted. We concluded that what most motorcyclist needed is a motorcycle Black Box that can record both front & rear and not only record while riding but continue surveillance during parking. And ideally small size.