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Q1: Why some of the replay video lagging?

A: Video lagging is usually the result of low quality SD/TF card used. It is highly recommended to use only high quality SD/TF card such as High Speed Class 10 (SDHC) or Ultra High Speed (UHS-I). Also it is recommended to set the recording interval to 2 or 3 minutes. This will optimised the video quality.


Q2: Night recording is dark and poor even with IR, why is that so? Is the IR not working?

A: Sufficient street's lightings is a major contribution to night recording. If the street's lightings is poor, the recorded video will be dark. But this does not means the IR is not working. Play the video on the media player and increase the brightness, you will see the surrounding clearly. Also the your car headlight colour contributes to the brightness too. Orange color headlights tends to produce darker video, while white color produce brighter video.


Q3: My DVR hanged itself. Is it spoilt?

A: Most of the DVRs comes with a reset button. DVRs are electronics similar to PC, Laptops & Smartphones, they get hang at times, resetting the device usually solves most of the malfunction issue. 


Q4: Why some of the recorded video have distortion and some unable to display, why is that so?

A: This is usually due to the TF/SD card memory over crustered as the result of consistence over-writing. It is recommened to reformat the TF/SD card weekly or bi-weekly to prevent interrupted recording. Normal formatting function does not fully format your SDcard. It is strongly advise to format your SDcard using SD Formatter recommended by SD Association. Click for HERE SD Formatter download.


Q5: I accidentally dropped the device, now it is not working. The device quality seems lousy.

A: DVRs are sensitive electronics. They are just like PC, Laptop & Smartphones, any direct impact may damaged the device.


Q6: My SDcard gets worn-out and damaged. How does it happen?

A: An SD card gets worn out when it goes through many read-write cycles which may cause errors. Those errors unaddressed may seriously damage an SD card. So, we recommend to format your SD card using our SD Formatter every week or at least every 2-3 weeks. And always switch off the power prior to taking the SD card out of your BlackVue. It is strongly advise to format your SDcard using SD Formatter recommended by SD Association. Click  HERE for SD Formatter download.


Q7: Isn’t it dangerous to install a UPS unit?

A: If you install our uninterrupted power supply unit (PowerMagic, PowerMagic Pro, T-Power C, Constant Powre Cable) after you parked, set up time or voltage level after which the power is cut automatically, it is not dangerous. However, even after uninterrupted power supply unit installation, your car battery might discharge for natural causes if you do not drive for a long time.


Q8: Does the DVRs overheat if I runs it 24hrs? 

A: DVRs may gets overheated under prolong high temperature when running the device 24/7. Climates of different region affect the durability of the device. As Singapore is typically hot, the outside temperature of the car is 20~30°C higher than inside cabin. Open carpark during daytime especially during mid-day, the internal temperature of a stationary vehicle will reach as high as 70°C. So it is not advisable to run the device 24/7 if your car is not parked under sheltered carpark. The acceptable working termperature for a DVR is typically between 40~60°C depending on individual device.



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