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In-Vehicle Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Black Boxes is no longer a gadget for airplanes only, Black Boxes designed for vehicles commonly known as Digital Video Recorder (DVR) are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. In-car Black Box can reduce your car insurance premiums and will speed up your insurance claim. It's a must have device for all Motorists.


Have you ever experience someone suddenly cuts into your lane and you hit his car from the behind? Or someone dashed out from parking lot, you can't  re-act in time but to bang straight on? He claims you for the damages and you have no evidences to proof it's not your fault? This scenario has been happening around you and it could anytime happen on YOU! These wonderful Black Boxes will be your instant eye witness!


All our DVRs are premium products manufactured in Korea and China. We offer our products only with the best qualities at the most affordable price you can find in the market. These are the popular In-Vehicle DVRs used around the world by car owners and even in professional racing car!

One good reason for you to install a DVR other than just to proof you are the victim. It helps to expedite the insurance claiming process. Below footage captured on a Thinkware Dashcam shows the driver of the rear car holding his mobile phone during the collision.


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